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Almost feel bad about my rating...

— feeling what?!?
My Name Is Memory - Ann Brashares

It's almost unfair that I am giving this beautifully written book 2 stars, as it was on par to receive 4 maybe 5 stars. I'm so upset with the end of the book! It's not the writing or the characters, both are beautiful and well developed. It's the ending...


The entire story agonizingly follows Daniel through many lifetimes searching for his love - the girl in the hut, the magistrate's wife, Sophia, Constance, the elderly woman at church, and Lucy. Does he find her, oh yes; many times. But how does it all end? With speculative closure. Through all the recognitions and meetings, your heart is wrung out and ready for something good to happen; for this great love to find some peace. But in the last two chapters, the unfairness of it all starts again. Lucy is safely tucked away and learns she is pregnant while Daniel writes from New Orleans and nothing is said of his fate, though we know Lucy never receives his last letter. So what does it all mean? Is Daniel being reborn as their child? How unfair for Lucy/Constance/Sophia's soul. Not to mention... Joaquim is still out there. We don't even know if Daniel completed his mission, just the importance of it getting done.


Should there be a second book? I don't know if I would read it. Ok I'm probably lying because I like Ann Brashares' writing, but I'm mad! To me, the book abruptly ended. It's almost as if the real story was just about to begin, so why did it stop? And if my speculations based on the last two chapters are true - Joaquim is still out there body snatching, current Daniel is dead, and the child Lucy carries will be Daniel reincarnated - I'm not really interested in that ending; no thank you! The millennia spent with Daniel trying to be with his love was enough to feel so jilted by fate or life or whatever it is, that I feel more hopeless than before I read it.


There are things I've read that seem so unfair and equally heartbreaking but this story is different. It's unfair, from beginning to end, and when the time comes to feel like through it all it was worth it... There's really nothing, and it's disappointing.